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Matt is an awkwardly tall actor who desperately wants to make it big. And like many artists who come to Hollywood, he’s willing to do anything to make it happen. But after seven years of utter disappointment, a failed relationship, and a string of bad luck, Matt decides to try something new. He becomes a bouncer.

It’s an acting job, and he plays it well. From the strip clubs to the private mansion parties to the LA nightclub scene, Matt maneuvers any opportunity he can to try to salvage his failed career. But the lure of drugs, women, and the Hollywood elite — just within arms’ reach of where he stands every night, he soon finds himself transforming into the “bouncer” character he once pretended to be.


As he encounters increasingly more dangerous and compromising situations, Matt must somehow find the strength to leave his new life behind, before he loses everything

the film
The facts
The Production Plan
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Our mission is to shoot a high-quality, feature film, while demonstrating the full creative vision and authentic details on screen . With our high-end production and post production team, including EMMY AWARD winning editor Adrian Parisi (Pan y Circo), and most key cast already attached, we can utilize our resources to maximize production value while minimizing production cost. Using SAG day rate contracts and with a clean chain of title, we can keep our above-the-line costs low and our budget at 2.4MM, yet present a product that looks like 20MM — by putting the money on the screen.

Our partners 888 Films in Belgrade, Serbia can offer us a 30% tax rebate before production even begins. And with an initial financial commitment, our producer Randy Turrow will bring us an A-list Casting Director in order to raise the value of our cast. That will allow our sales company, Slater Brothers Entertainment, to secure International pre-sales before we even start production. SBE also has a long running relationships with all major film markets and festivals including Cannes, AFM, MIPCOM, SXSW, Sundance, Toronto, and Tribeca, which will garner us additional year-round exposure for the project.

We also have multiple options for growth with the story and IP. We are ready to expand In-Security into a 3 part movie trilogy, and have a pitch deck and scripts ready for a 9 part television series that explores more of the world.


This film gives the viewer an exclusive account of the LA nightclub scene set in the early 2000’s — through the eyes of the guy who sees everything.


In-Security explores themes of addiction, corruption, and the exploitation of youth. How power, temptation, and greed will get people to compromise their values and safety in order to get want they want, even if it changes who they are.


The viewer will get a detailed tutorial on bouncing, including the psychological tactics and politics necessary to survive.

“It was a wild and dangerous place. There was a sense of recklessness and abandonment in the air every night. It was an odd time just after 9/11 — there was a lot of paranoia in the air, but it was still before social media infiltrated our daily lives. What happened behind closed doors stayed there. People could get away with anything.”
— Matt Weinglass, writer & creator of In-Security,
former Hollywood bouncer

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